Who is Handsome Boy?

The character Marvelous Mason is the face of the brand. His character derives from several different ideas and credences. The character’s features exhibit diversity so that any person of any race, gender or background can identify and connect with him. Marvelous Mason is a collaboration of influential leaders who have also helped shape the world to where we are today.

When you wear a Handsome Boy product, the goal is for you to feel like you are putting on the best version of yourself. The bow tie represents your cape just as many heroic characters would change into before combating the challenges ahead.

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What is Handsome Boy? 

The definition of “HandsomeBoy“ is not what you may assume, that of an attractive person. It's greater than that. However, "handsome" refers to the large and extraordinary people that we are. The word “Boy” was added to focus on the youthful and fearless meaning of life that one takes on. Combined, the two words create an experience. 

Established in 2003, Handsome Boy has been an independent producer of quality goods in Boston, Massachusetts. Handsome Boy was created for us all to feel good about ourselves in a lifestyle brand that will remain an expression of self, increasing the confidence & charisma of each individual it touches.

Handsome Boy lives in all us. By you supporting our brand you can become apart of our growing ambition to contribute to having a positive impact on yourself and others.

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Dunstan DuBique for The Boston Globe

How did Handsome Boy Begin?

Dunstan DuBique is the Founder and Creator of Handsome Boy Clothing Co. He is the embodiment of a cultural influencer.

Growing up in the family business of art and textile printing, Dunstan encompassed all the parallels he learned into the fashion industry. He put his education in his own hands and worked in the luxury retail sector in order to greater understand the inner workings of the goods and commerce trade. Not only did the direct hands-on experience give him the understanding of post production in the market place, he also learned the steps of how that same product gets into the consumers hands. Dunstan had a greater vision, the idea of owning a brand with purpose and influence was the ultimate goal of his.